There are usually two options at each stage of cooking. Firstly, there will be an easy, but satisfactory, method. Alternatively, there will be a far more complicated, difficult, and time-consuming technique available to you. This will usually produce a better result, but one that is in no way proportional to the efforts you have put … Continue reading

Turf War

Turf is not normally top of a list of ingredients for the average dinner party but Mallards’ meals aren’t meant to be average dinner parties. This time we were keen to introduce an element which wasn’t just food to help to lift the meal to a different level and because we had decided on a … Continue reading

Inaugural Meal

The Horror. Had we known exactly what we were about to commit to I think we may have entertained second thoughts. That said, steeped in blissful ignorance we naively set about planning and executing our first dinner party. We had all cooked dinner parties before but not with the ambition of this meal. Our ambitious … Continue reading