So it’s been a very busy few weeks. Apologies first for the lack of anything in a while, this has been down to my finals happening. These are essentially the exams which determine my entire degree so were pretty important and consumed my life for quite a while.

There is plenty of stuff coming up soon, we recently cooked a 15 course tasting menu for 24 people and we’ll run through the trials and tribulations therein as well as some of the more interesting/successful recipes. I also visited the Waterside Inn for my 21st birthday so I’ll do a cheeky review of that (clue: it was frickin’ amazing). I am also heading off to China from mid-July so once I’ve returned to the land of facebook, twitter an other internet and life essentials I’ll post all about it.

Having finished my degree now food is looking like the first option on my list of things to do. I have started organising work in various kitchens (Le Manoir, possible Dinner and may have something with Albert Roux coming up) so I will hopefully have a lot of interesting stories where my imprecise brunoisedoesn’t make the grade and some bellend brands me with a hot knife.

Also myself and a couple of others are looking at various food ventures like a catering company or a supper club so there’s lots in the pipeline.

In short, expect more very soon.


PS. Check out the blog of our friend Josh who helped us out in a big way on the recent meal, he’s a talented amateur chef as well as being aggressively opinionated – a winning combination in my book. He’s here at after-tastes.


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