Ice Filtration

…………… Ice Filtration …………… I’m not sure if sitting watching a lump of ice slowly defrost over the course of an entire day quite counts as ‘cooking’ but ice filtration was a technique we used a lot in our last dinner. It is a slightly esoteric technique for clarifying any liquid, one that works really … Continue reading

Faustian Fauxcaine

Fauxcaine Adult Dib Dab ………….. A short bonus recipe for you. Our dinner had a vice theme so we decided that for one of the desserts we’d serve up a fun riff on cocaine – an apple flavoured sherbet blitzed to a fine powder. It goes without saying that we in no way condone the … Continue reading


Anger  “Bull shot” …………… The waiter places it down in front of you, a pile of bloody meat topped with a vibrant green quenelle of ice cream on an eerily clinical white tile splattered with red juice. A second later he places the accompaniment alongside – a syringe complete with hypodermic needle. ……………    Of … Continue reading

Modernist Cuisine TED Talk

The Only Cookery Book You’ll Ever Need ……………. A couple of months old now but really great. My copy of Modernist Cuisine arrives in about 2 weeks! Expect a flood of posts when it does testing anything and everything in it. This is the magnum opus of cookery books and it is an unbelievable feat … Continue reading

Lust and Kindness

Here are links to the write-ups for another two of the courses that we did at the Faustian Dinner. The Tonka Bean Creme Brulee in particularly was unbelievably delicious so if you try any recipe from the dinner make it that one. Here’s the link for it – Lust The Beetroot, Goats’ Cheese and Truffle Honey was … Continue reading


Greed (non-fish) Chicken Noodle Soup ……………. There are those in life who are afflicted with some unfortunate allergies. Unfortunate on several counts, firstly it means they miss out some amazing food like shellfish, secondly, because it means more work for us in the kitchen. I have to confess that at most of our meals we … Continue reading


The following is the write up of the ‘Vanity’ course we did for our Faustian Dinner. Josh (the blogger) was most heavily responsible for the course so it seems best to give you his view. Just click on the link below to read all about it. Mutton dressed as Lamb – Vanity.

Review – VOC

The Saturday before I left for China, my girlfriend – Emma – decided to take me for dinner at Yauatcha (review to follow soon) to celebrate my results. In order to retain some level of stone age masculinity I suggested going for drinks after – which I could pay for. We decided to go to … Continue reading


Sloth “Lazy pig” Confit pork belly, black pudding fritter, celeriac puree, apple and cider sauce, apple and black pudding puree ………….. Pork belly is probably my favourite ingredient. The combination of the fat, succulent, soft meat and salty, crisp crackling just works so well together. Pork belly seemed like a perfect choice to represent sloth … Continue reading

Faustian Dinner – The Beginning

The last meal of our academic year was an absolute monster. The raw stats are pretty terrifying. Nineteen separate courses, twenty-four guests, four chefs, four service staff, thirty litres of wine, five days cooking, seven hours eating. When I woke up the next day, I couldn’t actually into my shoes because they were too swollen. … Continue reading