Faustian Fauxcaine


Adult Dib Dab


A short bonus recipe for you. Our dinner had a vice theme so we decided that for one of the desserts we’d serve up a fun riff on cocaine – an apple flavoured sherbet blitzed to a fine powder. It goes without saying that we in no way condone the use of any such drug, but it seemed like a good idea at about 1am in one of our menu development meetings. Food should be fun and this added extra was designed to inject a little more joy into the meal, the guests loved it and it was pretty moreish. We served it with cinnamon stick straws for guests to suck it through, but most people just treated it like dib dab powder and used the petit fours to hoover it up.



  • Icing or Confectioners’ Sugar
  • Instant Ice Tea Powder
  • Cornflower
  • Malic Acid
  • Citric Acid

There is a limited amount of method to making this. We essentially bunged it into a blender and whizzed it up. Just keep tasting it and adding until you find the ratios are about right, ours was predominantly icing sugar. The instant ice tea powder we got from Whittard and used apple flavour but go with whatever tickles your fancy. The acid we bought from infusions, a great website with loads of specialty ingredients. Malic acid is the same that you find in apples so it worked really well, citric acid is generally found in (unsurprisingly) citrus fruits and is much sharper.

Just go with it and have fun.


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