Three Star Dinner

An obsession with cooking can drive you to some odd places. So it was that for the Mallards’ latest meal I had arranged to meet up with ‘a guy I knew’ in a bar to score a bag of mysterious white powder. Like some coke-addled hobo I clutched at it as he handed it to … Continue reading

Autumnal Ice Cream

…………. Autumnal Ice Cream Walnut Praline Ice Cream …………. At home we’re lucky enough to have an enormous walnut tree at the top of the garden, but we always end up drowning in a deluge of produce that we rarely bother to do anything other than crack and force onto friends. Praline is usually made … Continue reading


I’ve been trying to up my game with the photos on the blog recently but it’s very much a work in progress. Here are some shots I took last weekend when I discovered some scallop shells lying at the bottom of a box of cooking equipment. I tried to take the style of photos from … Continue reading

Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up Coconut Panna Cotta with Mango Centre …………. I’ve been spending a lot of time travelling between Norwich, London and Oxford recently, whilst this has given me any number of things to moan  about the British transport system it also given me a great deal of time to think about food. The recipe … Continue reading