‘Cooking on TV is not really cooking’

  I have read an awful lot about Ferran Adria, I own many of his books, and today I was lucky enough to be at a talk he gave about the ‘Art of Cooking’. It was, illuminating. Looking through my notes shows how eclectic his answers were to questions: –        ‘I am a cook, not … Continue reading


Recently I’ve been getting involved with the bar at work and some new plans they have for updating the menu. We’re looking to take things up a notch, using modern techniques to put a different spin on classics. We’re now looking at processes like barrel-ageing though they are very much in the early stages. My … Continue reading


This is a dish that I first cooked about 7 months ago for my Dad’s birthday. I was essentially making it up as I went along but it was heavily by the summer season. Back home in Norfolk we’re lucky enough to have a big garden (expertly tended to by my parents) with a great … Continue reading


I was going to post this dish and a little note about it with a full recipe today. This will probably still happen at a later point over the weekend but I ended up getting caught up in the process of plating. Presentation is so important for food, and for some that is where food … Continue reading

The Weeds

‘Oh god’, was pretty much the only thought in my head for the first hour of tonight’s service. Getting caught in the ‘weeds’ is the phrase we have for when you get lost in your orders, and tonight the weeds claimed me. The calm before the storm had lulled me into a false sense of … Continue reading

Inspiration/Shades of Brown

Inspiration is that elusive quality in the kitchen. The more you want it the further it seems from you. Sometimes ideas for dishes flow in and out of my head at a rate of knots and it’s all I can do to hold onto some of the more interesting ones. At other times I stare … Continue reading


My attitude to food and cooking is, fairly obviously, one of near uniform excitement. Despite this there are times when I become seriously frustrated and tired of the whole process. I had one of these moments this evening. Having already done 9 shifts this week and road tested a new dessert (a post on this … Continue reading

‘How’d you like them apples?’

It’s been a while since my last post, technical faults prevented me from getting into my laptop. When I say technical faults what I actually mean is that I broke the earth pin on my laptop charger and then carried it around with me so I could still use it. This was an unsatisfactory and … Continue reading

Four Minutes

Four minutes is the amount of time I have to stuff ten courgette flowers every morning. This might seem like a reasonable amount of time, and it is, but, if you have to prep a hundred flowers what is quite an easy job becomes an exercise in acute concentration. It also means that I spend … Continue reading