The Weeds

‘Oh god’, was pretty much the only thought in my head for the first hour of tonight’s service.

Getting caught in the ‘weeds’ is the phrase we have for when you get lost in your orders, and tonight the weeds claimed me. The calm before the storm had lulled me into a false sense of security, I was actually looking forward to the night’s service; how naïve I was.

It started slowly but then orders rushed in like a flood, sweeping me into the weeds. I had literally no idea where I was, I could barely have told you my name if you’d have asked. Every new ticket was like another wave crashing over me, again and again. Every now and then I’d snatch an item to put on, like a breath of air before being pulled back under.

At my station I don’t have the tickets in front of me, so if I miss what Chef calls out then I am pretty much screwed. This happened a lot. My brain kind of switched off, probably in an effort to prevent damage to any higher functions.

If there was a visual equivalent for the Oxford English Dictionary, next to ‘Overwhelmed’ you would have found a picture of my face tonight.

More than anything I was just pretty pissed with myself, I felt I had reached a point where this wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately, it seems not to be the case. Asking for help sucks, but ask I did and eventually the storm passed.

The only thing to do is learn from it, quite what I can I don’t know. I guess that next time it happens I’ll be a little better prepared, a little faster.

Here’s to tomorrow.


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