Recently I’ve been getting involved with the bar at work and some new plans they have for updating the menu. We’re looking to take things up a notch, using modern techniques to put a different spin on classics. We’re now looking at processes like barrel-ageing though they are very much in the early stages.

My friend Mike came into work last Friday and kindly demoed some cool techniques to the guys, spherification and cavitation. It was really great to see the interest it generated with everyone in the bar, with people crowding round and trying the different things. For me it was a brilliant example of what food (and drink) has the ability to do. At the end of this week we’re having a session in the bar where we are going to test out our ideas for a new cocktail menu so this week will be all about testing these ideas.

It’s a bit of a departure from what I’m used to. I don’t have the knowledge of the fundamentals in cocktails that I do in cooking so my approach is not as grounded as I would like it to be. I can only hope this gets filled in as I go along.

I don’t have a specific drink or agenda for this week but I’ll be testing different elements I think might work as I go so I’ll update them on here as individual components. I’m looking at ideas like Bloody Mary infused celery, a trio of Martinis in one drink, possibly smoked drinks and new ideas for serving drinks (Aviary-inspired ‘in the rocks’). I’d like to see some interesting non-alcoholic drinks in a new menu as well, as someone at work rightly pointed out, most people who don’t drink typically get shafted with boring options.

These ideas may or may not be started tonight but they’ll certainly be movement on them during the next week and a big post on Sunday with some of the finished articles.



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