Things which have happened, things which will happen soon.

I’m pretty certain that my flatmates must think that they are living with a ghost. Today is the first morning in two weeks I have done anything other than just crash into bed or run out of the door.

A lot has happened recently so I just wanted to post a really quick update whilst I write up individual posts in more detail.

Last Friday I also worked a day at Roganic, one of London’s best restaurants, a two year pop-up in Marylebone by Simon Rogan of l’Enclume with the obscenely talented and young Ben Spalding at the pass. The experience, as with my time at Viajante, was highly inspirational. Their kitchen is almost laughably small for the kind of food they produce, but testament to their skill and the level of organization required at that level.

Sadly, it was just a single day there but I hope I’ll have a chance to go back soon and I definitely want to try the food from the either side of the experience.

I then spent three amazing days in Seville with Emma over the weekend, which was exactly what I needed. I’ll be writing up the holiday over the next couple of days, once I’ve trawled through the absurd quantity of photos I took. The weather was flawless and I returned to London recharged. I feel it’s a sign I’m doing the right job when I can come back from a trip like that looking forward to go back to work.


Immediately after getting back I had to cook my competition dish. Recently the company has been hosting an in-house competition between the chefs, based around lamb as an ingredient which was run at the beginning of this week. Most of the chefs presented their dishes on Monday, because I was still in Spain I did mine the following day.

There were a lot of things that worried me about my dish. I hadn’t cooked any single element on it previously, so I had no idea what it would taste like together. Also, the sauce I was planning to use didn’t work out because of logistical issues so I had to adapt and come up with a new one on the day as well. In short, I had my concerns.

The dish I cooked was pan roasted loin of lamb with a smoked cumin jus, spiced lentils and a green olive puree. Despite all the issue I was pretty pleased with it as I plated it, I then had to present it to one of group’s directors, the executive chef and my sous chef – easy. Getting positive feedback from them was definitely rewarding and when they announced the winner later I’m proud to say I won.


Rather than do that typically English thing and feel faintly embarrassed about doing well I have to say I’m really happy. I’ve spent a lot of time working for free, reading religiously about food and talking incessantly about cooking and I’m relieved that it has paid off at least in part. It’s a small step but a really satisfying one nonetheless. There’s going to be a larger competition this summer amongst those who placed 1st and 2nd across the company’s three restaurants so watch this space…

To the future, I’ve got some really exciting things lined up. I’m looking to organize a stage with a chocolatier to boost my fundamental pastry skills, I’m cooking up canapés for 200 next week and there’s something much bigger and very exciting looming on the horizon as well, so I’ll keep you posted.

I also wanted to say thanks to you guys as well. Recently, quite a few people have mentioned that they’ve been reading the blog and I really appreciate it. I feel it’s improved a great deal in the past few months but, as ever, I’m pushing for it to be better and better. Thanks for taking the time out, I’ll try and give you more and more reasons to procrastinate as we go.

One Response to “Things which have happened, things which will happen soon.”
  1. Catherine Boycott says:

    I really enjoy reading the blog and am very proud of you little brother (although more and more you seem like big brother)

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