Tobacco Foam Mk.I

Tobacco Infused Milk

Well my first approach at the whole tobacco foam component for my Coffee and Cigarettes dessert was certainly informative, if not overwhelmingly pleasant. I did a couple of variables, blanching the tobacco for some, heat infusing it in others. What I can categorically say is that the heat infused – unblanched tobacco was far too powerful.

I think part of the issue was the sheer amount I put in, 3g in 200ml of milk. I was initially concerned about making it strong enough and I clearly misjudged its potency. I’ve realized I need to treat it like saffron, using really small amounts.

A bloody rotavap would be perfect for this ingredient though. Under lower pressure I could just extract the delicate notes from the tobacco and not the base, bitter ones. That said I don’t have several thousand pounds to spaff, nor am I best mates with Heston Blumenthal so it’s low-tech all the way.

I am undeterred though. There is definitely traction in the idea, I just need to tweak and rework it so that the balance is right. More to follow…


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