The next round of our competition at work is coming up soon and I have started working on the dishes I am going to present there. The prize is pretty amazing so I have taken a bit of time off next week to dedicate to perfecting the dishes – expect a flurry of posts on them then. That said, they might all be a disaster, in which case expect total silence on the matter.

For my meat dish I am thinking about using goat. It’s not a protein I have used before so I know it will take some practice to find out how to get the most out of it. In that spirit I cooked for my girlfriend Emma this evening, mostly to thank her for putting up with me.

This is by no means the dish I will do for the competition, it has few other Spanish or Italian influences, but I was curious to see how the goat would work.

I was relatively happy with the dish, my main problem was sadly with the goat. Whether it was the cut I chose, the way I cooked it or the animal itself; it just lacked flavour. Rack not being the hardest working muscle in the beast might be the reason for underdeveloped flavour, next time I’ll look to try something more robust, like neck.

I served it with some jersey royals, wild garlic leaves and flowers, fresh peas and mint oil. Usually I hate mint in savoury food, but this worked really well. It is also easy to do, I just blanch and shocked the mint, blitz it with oil and strained it all. Everything was bought at Borough Market, along with some amazing butter from Real France in which I cooked pretty much everything.

I also dropped in on the good people from Brindisa to talk to them about another of the dishes I have planned for the competition. I walked away laden with four kilos of lard from acorn-fed Iberian pigs to play with so I’m looking forward to working on some dishes next week.

Until then.



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