Lemon – Redux

So a while ago I posted on this dish, which I was quite pleased with. Having given it to our exec chef he was slightly dubious about the charcoal. This was a bit of a kick in the balls because pretty much everyone else who had tried it was pleasantly surprised by that element.

Nonetheless this is the reworked form I presented a week or so later. The lemon charcoal has been banished to some other dish where it is more appropriate. To replace it I made lime and basil meringues. Rather than do little ‘blobs’ of meringue I spread it flat, dried it, then broke it into little slabs.

It just has finely diced basil leave and lime zest but the flavour comes through nicely and it is a good textural element. I want to tweak it further though. I plan to split the meringue mix in half and deliberately heavily fold one side so that the green from the basil bleeds into it heavily. I’ll then ‘ripple’ it through the less mixed, pale half to add more colour to the dish.

I also just got rid of the gelatine in the curd completely, which makes it overall a better eating experience.

However, further work needs to be done. The flavours are right but the dish doesn’t work as plated here. No matter how cold the plates the granita melts too quickly. I plan to replate it in a wide glass tumbler, this way even when the dish has melted the customer can simply drink it. That way it should be ideal for the hot summer months coming up.

Annoyingly the plate below is a less attractive, slightly rushed version. It’s missing some micro herbs and care but I didn’t photograph the original and did this in a hurry before service kicked off. Expect a sexier version of the final iteration sometime this week.


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