So it turns out running a restaurant is a lot of hard work; who knew?

I want to start by thanking everyone who supported us. First and foremost the guys from The Endurance – Kerry, Billy and Patrick – who gave an amazing opportunity to three young guys on, frankly, shockingly little evidence. My thanks to Josh and Billy, for all the long hours and hard work you guys gave, it will surprise no one who knows you for me to say you are both phenomenally talented and that it was a true pleasure to work with you. Thank you to family and girlfriends who shared the burden for our work during the month, we could not have done it without you.

To everyone who ate with us, persons known and unknown, thank you. If I learnt anything from this month it was never to take a single guest for granted and to have a chance to feed you our own work so early was a great opportunity.

Over the course of the month we created and executed a daily changing lunch menu, riotously good junk food, a canapé event for a London Fashion Week designer and totally unique tasting menus. The sheer number of dishes that we considered, discarded, argued over, loved and loathed was almost ridiculous, a creatively draining process but one that has left us all invigorated and with notebooks bursting.

There were lows, as there always are. Kitchen porter issues, power cuts, equipment problems, supplier difficulties occurred at any given time, often simultaneously. As with any restaurant the only answer is simply ‘find a way’. Get in early, pick it up yourself, change the dish, whatever it takes.

Most importantly, I was very proud of the food we were serving; the feedback from everyone was overwhelmingly positive. Where we are at the moment is, by our own admission, a very long way away from where we want to be but I felt we delivered.

A lot of people have asked where we are going next, a question for which there is not yet an answer. We have had a few enquiries about jobs and other opportunities but for now it is time to let the dust settle before we move forward.

Watch this space.


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