In the House of Wolf

This month we were invited to do a mini pop-up in the Victorian pleasure palace that is House of Wolf in Islington. We jumped at the chance to work in such a great venue, following on the heels of Blanch and Shock as we had done at The Endurance.

We put together a menu we felt showcased some great ingredients and some exciting techniques. We have changed our approach recently, foregoing constantly inventing new dishes, instead we are looking to develop a menu through the year, tweaking and refining constantly.

We brought the savoury doughnuts back, the Daily Mail says they are going to be all the rage this year and if that isn’t a weighty endorsement then I don’t know what is. They started the meal just how we wanted, with a bit of irreverence and a big hit of salty deliciousness.

With just four services we were really pleased to hit the ground running. The front of house staff were tremendous, working very hard to get across the idiosyncrasies of our menu.

Chicken liver parfait doughnut

Scallop, caramelised cauliflower puree, walnut, apple, celery

 Iberico fat poached cod, lemon puree, charred baby onions, mussel broth, puffed skin

 Duck breast, pickled pear, chervil root, duck soup

 Banana and lime ice cream, salt compressed lime, brown butter fromage fraise, roasted banana, thai basil

We were very happy with how the food went out, and the reactions from the dining room suggested the guests were too. We had Food over London review us whilst we were there, though they might not have agreed with our aesthetics they certainly seemed to enjoy the meal.

Our thanks to Jaime Asensio who came and took some sensational photos of our food. He’s extremely talented and it is great to work with him.

Thanks to all who came to eat. I am hoping to revive this blog a bit in 2013 so watch this space for more updates as we go.







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