I can very clearly remember when I fell in love with food. In December 2009 I bought the Fat Duck Cookbook from the Borders book store in Oxford, over the next three days I read it from cover to cover – twice. It was that book which doomed me to my current existence, consumed by a love of food. That book was really the starting point, opening my eyes to a whole new approach to food. It pains me to think of a lot that followed, the failures, the frustration, a particularly shocking creme brulee attempt. I started to immerse myself in a whole new world, filled with strange, esoteric methods and bizarre ingredients.

I then went and compounded the foolish, foolish decision to buy that book and along with two friends I set up a society at university to indulge our obsession. The Mallards was a fine dining club and twice a term we would ignore our degrees (more than usual) and lock ourselves in a kitchen for three days to cook multicourse feasts for the guests. The planning sessions often extended until 2am with suggestions becoming ever more ridiculous as a strange fatigue-induced delerium set in. The food was good, never quite as good as we wanted it to be though. We always wanted bigger and better. We wanted to give guests The Best Meal Ever. Despite the limitations of time, budget and resources we did improve, thankfully.

Over the course of my last year, cooking these meals, thinking constantly about food, several points became clear to me. Firstly, I bloody love food, thinking about it, cooking it, eating it, arguing over it. Secondly, I was a reasonably good cook, but one with the most monstrous ambitions which so often exceeded my abilities. From these two thoughts, an idea emerged, a thought I found vaguely disturbing. That having gone to one of the finest educational establishments in the world I could ignore a good degree I worked very hard for over three years to work long, long hours in a hot kitchen for laughably little money. This idea sat in the back of my head for three months, just lurking. The longer it stayed there, the larger it grew, fed by my morbid curiosity, until I gave in to the depressing inevitability of it all and said “fuck it, food it is then”.

That folks, is my long winded explanation of how I got to be here. I currently work with at one of London’s busiest restaurants as a commis chef. I also work with people like these guys on various projects and run a catering service where I and various friends and colleagues whom I can persuade/blackmail into working with me deliver amazing events and food.

This blog will be the record of my journey through food, the triumphs, disasters and friendships that occur along the way. It starts at the beginning with our first meal and, quite frankly, I have no idea where exactly it is going. I hope that you will follow me at least some of the way.


2 Responses to “About”
  1. VERY good luck with the new blog and best of luck with the goal. I would sure try to break into your group if I were close.

    And please consider sharing your recipes

    • Thanks for you comment! I’ve got a few things lined up to post very soon but I’m currently in China so internet access is sporadic. Recipes are very much on the way so I hope you’ll come back and have a look when there are a few up. Cheers.

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