Cherry Bomb

Everyone loves a bit of magic, something that deceives the senses. Recently I have been working on my dessert for the upcoming competition at work, looking at the combination of cherries and almonds. I wanted to bring a sense of fun and whimsy to the plate and was looking to create fake cherries to sit … Continue reading

Lemon – Redux

So a while ago I posted on this dish, which I was quite pleased with. Having given it to our exec chef he was slightly dubious about the charcoal. This was a bit of a kick in the balls because pretty much everyone else who had tried it was pleasantly surprised by that element. Nonetheless … Continue reading

Best Laid Plans and ‘Definite Inconsistencies’

Best Laid Plans and Definite Inconsistencies ……………… Cooking entails a lot of failure, at least for me. Not having a typical culinary background, no catering college or teenage years spent in a pro kitchen, a lot of the dishes and components I work on require a lot of finessing before they work how I want … Continue reading


The next round of our competition at work is coming up soon and I have started working on the dishes I am going to present there. The prize is pretty amazing so I have taken a bit of time off next week to dedicate to perfecting the dishes – expect a flurry of posts on … Continue reading

Tobacco Foam Mk.I

Well my first approach at the whole tobacco foam component for my Coffee and Cigarettes dessert was certainly informative, if not overwhelmingly pleasant. I did a couple of variables, blanching the tobacco for some, heat infusing it in others. What I can categorically say is that the heat infused – unblanched tobacco was far too … Continue reading

Coffee and Cigarettes

You were warned...

This is a combination that has become very familiar over the past few months. I’m not a smoker but these two things are what fuel the culinary industry. Some days I drink 7 cups of coffee, obviously I am well aware of the health risks and all that crap but sometimes that is just what … Continue reading

When God Gives You Lemons

The more content I seem to have for this blog the less time I have to blog about it, a sad truth about the nature of work. That said, I have finally negotiated some free time to post something. I’m always aiming to keep whatever goes up on here at as high a standard as … Continue reading


Recently I’ve been getting involved with the bar at work and some new plans they have for updating the menu. We’re looking to take things up a notch, using modern techniques to put a different spin on classics. We’re now looking at processes like barrel-ageing though they are very much in the early stages. My … Continue reading

‘How’d you like them apples?’

It’s been a while since my last post, technical faults prevented me from getting into my laptop. When I say technical faults what I actually mean is that I broke the earth pin on my laptop charger and then carried it around with me so I could still use it. This was an unsatisfactory and … Continue reading