In the House of Wolf

This month we were invited to do a mini pop-up in the Victorian pleasure palace that is House of Wolf in Islington. We jumped at the chance to work in such a great venue, following on the heels of Blanch and Shock as we had done at The Endurance. We put together a menu we … Continue reading

Dinner at the Russet

Here is a link to the write up of a dinner I helped Blanch and Shock cook just before Christmas. It was a great evening and I always enjoy working with them, they always have various projects on so if you get the chance to eat their food definitely go for it. Thanks to Blanch … Continue reading


I was going to post this dish and a little note about it with a full recipe today. This will probably still happen at a later point over the weekend but I ended up getting caught up in the process of plating. Presentation is so important for food, and for some that is where food … Continue reading

Missionaries’ Dinner

Last week we were asked to cook for Magdalen’s very own ‘secret’ drinking society. It barely needs to be said that there are few higher honours in the food world than a gig like this one. We settled on a simple yet delicious menu, with a delicate fish starter, an aggressively carnivorous main and a … Continue reading

Three Star Dinner

An obsession with cooking can drive you to some odd places. So it was that for the Mallards’ latest meal I had arranged to meet up with ‘a guy I knew’ in a bar to score a bag of mysterious white powder. Like some coke-addled hobo I clutched at it as he handed it to … Continue reading


I’ve been trying to up my game with the photos on the blog recently but it’s very much a work in progress. Here are some shots I took last weekend when I discovered some scallop shells lying at the bottom of a box of cooking equipment. I tried to take the style of photos from … Continue reading

Ice Filtration

…………… Ice Filtration …………… I’m not sure if sitting watching a lump of ice slowly defrost over the course of an entire day quite counts as ‘cooking’ but ice filtration was a technique we used a lot in our last dinner. It is a slightly esoteric technique for clarifying any liquid, one that works really … Continue reading

Faustian Fauxcaine

Fauxcaine Adult Dib Dab ………….. A short bonus recipe for you. Our dinner had a vice theme so we decided that for one of the desserts we’d serve up a fun riff on cocaine – an apple flavoured sherbet blitzed to a fine powder. It goes without saying that we in no way condone the … Continue reading


Anger  “Bull shot” …………… The waiter places it down in front of you, a pile of bloody meat topped with a vibrant green quenelle of ice cream on an eerily clinical white tile splattered with red juice. A second later he places the accompaniment alongside – a syringe complete with hypodermic needle. ……………    Of … Continue reading

Lust and Kindness

Here are links to the write-ups for another two of the courses that we did at the Faustian Dinner. The Tonka Bean Creme Brulee in particularly was unbelievably delicious so if you try any recipe from the dinner make it that one. Here’s the link for it – Lust The Beetroot, Goats’ Cheese and Truffle Honey was … Continue reading