In the House of Wolf

This month we were invited to do a mini pop-up in the Victorian pleasure palace that is House of Wolf in Islington. We jumped at the chance to work in such a great venue, following on the heels of Blanch and Shock as we had done at The Endurance. We put together a menu we … Continue reading

Dinner at the Russet

Here is a link to the write up of a dinner I helped Blanch and Shock cook just before Christmas. It was a great evening and I always enjoy working with them, they always have various projects on so if you get the chance to eat their food definitely go for it. Thanks to Blanch … Continue reading


I was going to post this dish and a little note about it with a full recipe today. This will probably still happen at a later point over the weekend but I ended up getting caught up in the process of plating. Presentation is so important for food, and for some that is where food … Continue reading

Three Star Dinner

An obsession with cooking can drive you to some odd places. So it was that for the Mallards’ latest meal I had arranged to meet up with ‘a guy I knew’ in a bar to score a bag of mysterious white powder. Like some coke-addled hobo I clutched at it as he handed it to … Continue reading


I’ve been trying to up my game with the photos on the blog recently but it’s very much a work in progress. Here are some shots I took last weekend when I discovered some scallop shells lying at the bottom of a box of cooking equipment. I tried to take the style of photos from … Continue reading

Faustian Dinner Photos