Food relies on the senses; the crisp crackling on a pork belly, the heady scent of a truffle, the sight of a beautiful plate. The kitchen is full of these same experiences but in more extreme forms, the sizzle of a scallop in a pan, the searing pain when you accidently pick up a scalding … Continue reading

Four Minutes

Four minutes is the amount of time I have to stuff ten courgette flowers every morning. This might seem like a reasonable amount of time, and it is, but, if you have to prep a hundred flowers what is quite an easy job becomes an exercise in acute concentration. It also means that I spend … Continue reading

Missionaries’ Dinner

Last week we were asked to cook for Magdalen’s very own ‘secret’ drinking society. It barely needs to be said that there are few higher honours in the food world than a gig like this one. We settled on a simple yet delicious menu, with a delicate fish starter, an aggressively carnivorous main and a … Continue reading


So it’s been a very busy few weeks. Apologies first for the lack of anything in a while, this has been down to my finals happening. These are essentially the exams which determine my entire degree so were pretty important and consumed my life for quite a while. There is plenty of stuff coming up … Continue reading