Cherry Bomb

Everyone loves a bit of magic, something that deceives the senses. Recently I have been working on my dessert for the upcoming competition at work, looking at the combination of cherries and almonds. I wanted to bring a sense of fun and whimsy to the plate and was looking to create fake cherries to sit … Continue reading


The next round of our competition at work is coming up soon and I have started working on the dishes I am going to present there. The prize is pretty amazing so I have taken a bit of time off next week to dedicate to perfecting the dishes – expect a flurry of posts on … Continue reading

Things which have happened, things which will happen soon.

I’m pretty certain that my flatmates must think that they are living with a ghost. Today is the first morning in two weeks I have done anything other than just crash into bed or run out of the door. A lot has happened recently so I just wanted to post a really quick update whilst … Continue reading