Missionaries’ Dinner

Last week we were asked to cook for Magdalen’s very own ‘secret’ drinking society. It barely needs to be said that there are few higher honours in the food world than a gig like this one. We settled on a simple yet delicious menu, with a delicate fish starter, an aggressively carnivorous main and a … Continue reading

Three Star Dinner

An obsession with cooking can drive you to some odd places. So it was that for the Mallards’ latest meal I had arranged to meet up with ‘a guy I knew’ in a bar to score a bag of mysterious white powder. Like some coke-addled hobo I clutched at it as he handed it to … Continue reading

Faustian Dinner Photos

Turf War

Turf is not normally top of a list of ingredients for the average dinner party but Mallards’ meals aren’t meant to be average dinner parties. This time we were keen to introduce an element which wasn’t just food to help to lift the meal to a different level and because we had decided on a … Continue reading